Cabernet puppies are bred with great attention to the genotype, phenotype, temperament, and the health of the parents, grandparents and other members of the family on the pedigree. Breeding selections are carefully made to produce puppies that have the genetic foundation for proper conformation, temperament, and good health.


Information To Know

All future puppy buyers need to read this.


All puppies are cute, but they all require a lot of work and training. All cute puppies grow up and if not trained and socialized properly they will not develop into good companions. Here at Cabernet Poodles we get your puppy off to the right start. From the second you take your puppy home you are in charge of whether or not that temperament will stay sound. Training for a new puppy begins the minute they’re born and ends the day they take their last breath! Remember this and take it into account before you commit to buying a puppy; any puppy!

At Cabernet we realize that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances some families can no longer keep their dog. In this instance we are here to help. We NEVER want any of our dogs going into a shelter or rescue! Nor do we want them just passed on to another family. We will always take back any dog that we sell.

Here are some other things to take into consideration before buying a puppy:

*Our dogs are house dogs and we require our puppies live indoors as family pets.

*If you work full time please don’t contact us for a puppy until you have a PLAN as to what you will do with your pup during the day. Young pups cannot stay home all alone during a work day. We DO NOT think it is fine and will not sell a puppy into a home that is going to leave it unattended or locked in a room or crate for the day. Poodles are social animals and require human contact. Your puppy will not develop well if left alone for extended periods of time. Look into a doggie day care program or hire a private sitter to come into your home and have that in place BEFORE you call us! Yes we know this adds an expense to having the dog but it is what the puppy needs.

*We do not have “pet quality” prices vs. “show quality” prices. All of our puppies receive the same amount of care and attention from birth. Older puppies are not discounted! It is also important to point out that all of our puppies go into their homes on spay/neuter contracts. We do not sell a dog outright with breeding rights.

*If you rent please understand that you must provide us with a copy of your lease showing that you are allowed to have a dog.

*No puppy will be sold without everyone in the family knowing about the dog and all being on the same page about wanting a puppy.

Remember that we never breed a litter stating before that all will be sold as companions. We always hope to get our next show puppy from breeding.

We are primarily a breeder of show, performance, and therapy dogs so we interact with all the puppies in the litter as they develop to encourage confidence, curiosity, and trainability traits. We will make our final decision on who gets which puppies, based on your needs after we have picked what we will continue on with in showing. What’s most important is to match the puppy with the home, and we need time to evaluate and work with the puppies to determine which ones are best for various environment.

Your deposit will hold a puppy based on your description of lifestyle and direction that you want to go with the puppy. In return, we ask that you will not purchase a puppy elsewhere in the meantime or change your mind because we will be turning down other buyers. It is a non refundable deposit unless we do not have the sex, color, or specific type of personality you would like. If that is the case your deposit will be refunded immediately upon request. We will not automatically keep your deposit for the next litter.

If after reading this, you feel you are ready for a poodle puppy, then talk with us. As you move forward in your process, keep in mind that owning a dog is a commitment, and it can be up to a 15 year commitment.

A First Puppy Exam

Our puppies go to see Dr. Janice Cain at the Bishop Ranch Veterinary Clinic for their first puppy vet check. They have their mouths, eyes, ears, lungs, skin, and temperatures checked. They have an abdominal palpitation, orthopedic exam and genitourinary exam. Janice will then give them their first vaccination of DHPP2 and will also microchip all of them. She and her vet tech both give the puppies a wonderful first vet visit experience.


Seven Week Old Puppies

With Six Year Old Sammy!

October 20, 2012



Puppy Photo Show

September 23, 2012

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Puppies In Stage Two

Sept. 13, 2012


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Sometime between the second and third week, the puppies’ little eyes and ears begin to slowly open, enabling them to begin to see and hear the world around them. They start to whimper when they’re hungry, uncomfortable, and feeling lost from their littermates. Puppies grow while asleep. During the first three weeks as seen in the slideshow, they are totally dependent upon their mother for food, comfort, emotional development, and security.



Puppies In Stage One

from September 7, 2012

Puppies are babies and just like human babies they go through a lot of different phases and stages on their way to adulthood. Stage one is called The Neonatal Period. From the time a puppy is born up to three weeks after birth, the puppy’s eyes and ears are not open and they are toothless. During this stage, 90% of their time is spent sleeping and 10% feeding although it may appear to be the other way around. They are barely able to crawl.

Click to see Stage One Pups PhotoShow










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How to Identify An Ethical Breeder



Previous Cabernet Puppies!

It’s always fun for us to look back at these PhotoShows of Cabernet pups that are now grown up. It reminds us of the families who have them now and how much we loved raising these babies.

The Willa and Dixie Chicks Puppies Go Home







The Devan Puppies Go Home







Important information for families already on our list or those considering getting a Cabernet Puppy.

Cabernet Puppy Placement Procedure

Although this topic is included on our FAQ page, we feel it is important enough that we want to have it clearly explained in a little more detail.

Every breeding we plan and do is with the hope of getting our next show puppy. When the puppies are close to ten weeks old, we make our choice of which pup (or puppies) we plan to keep. Next, we begin mentally matching the others with their potential owners. Scott and I are very experienced in this and it is we who make the decision where each puppy will go. We have many, many Cabernet families that can attest to the fact that having us do the matching really works. That is one reason why we have so many of them returning for another Cabernet Poodle.

There are several factors that go into this process.


As breeders, we are fortunate because we usually know the dogs for several generations behind your puppy. It is very interesting to us that puppies inherit not only physical traits from certain dogs in their ancestry, but they also often inherit particular behavior or personality traits. As we observe the puppies developing over several weeks, we begin to “know who they are” and that helps us determine which family might best appreciate their distinctive qualities.


First, while our Cabernet Poodles are all bred for beauty, health and temperament. each one is its own unique little being. Some will fit in best in a quiet household where it is the only dog. Others will always be more active and adventuresome, wanting a life where a lot is going on. The prospective owners’ lifestyles play a big part too. Are there children in the home and if so, what ages? Have you had a Poodle before? Do you want a dog to go running with you? To visit nursing homes? Do you want a dog that can get along with your other dogs?

The more you tell us about yourself, the easier it is for us to choose the right puppy for you. We encourage you to stay in touch throughout the process and beyond. Knowing you and your lifestyle helps us choose the puppy we feel will make a great match but we want you to get to know us too. We plan on being an ongoing resource for you for the lifetime of your Poodle.


The more flexible you are in regard to color and sex makes it much easier for us to have a puppy for you. We’ll remember that your first choice is, for example, a black boy but if you are willing to take either color or either sex, you really do have a much better chance of getting a puppy. They all are very easy to love! Please don’t wait until the last moment to tell us that you are open to a different sex or color. We usually have several people waiting and we do contact them if we don’t have what you have asked for.


Once you have decided that a Cabernet poodle is the one for you, send an email informing of us of your serious intentions. It is at that time that we ask for a deposit. If you have a specific sex or color that you are requesting and we do not have it once the puppies are born, your deposit will be refunded. You can always choose to wait or not wait for the next litter. If you choose not to wait we will happily refer you to other reputable breeders.

Scott and I put a lot of thought into each of our breeding’s when choosing the stud dog we feel might be the best compliment for each of our girls. While we do breed in hopes of getting our next show dog, we also know that if for whatever reason, we wake up one day unable to participate in showing, we’ll have wonderful pets to live with because of how carefully we’ve bred. We want the same thing you want: Good Temperaments and Health.

We don’t breed to a dog out of convenience, close proximity, or just because he’s a big winner. We breed to pedigrees that we’re extremely familiar with for generations and I personally know or have had my hands on. It is important to us that we feel confident that the boys we choose to breed to have the same wonderful temperaments our girls do.



How We Nurture Our Puppies


It is important to us that the pups we place have the best psychological start in life that we can give them. From their first day until their eyes and ears open, we are constantly holding them so that they become comfortable with the touch of human hands. When they begin to see and hear, they are introduced to many new sights and sounds. So they become accustomed to all the sounds and sights of daily living.


By the time the puppies are 5-6 weeks old, we begin taking them on short field trips to experience new sounds, sights and places. We also begin to have a constant stream of friends and children come to socialize the pups. We encourage and extend invitations to all prospective families to come and play with all the puppies.


We believe that all of this makes our puppies feel more confident when they go out into the world and become wonderful companions for their families. Just click on Our Extended Families link to see some of our wonderful “Champions of the Heart.”


If you feel that a Cabernet puppy might be right for you, please follow the link below to our Puppy FAQ’s.
You will learn more about our process of raising the puppies and matching them to our prospective families.
Rather than asking prospective buyers to fill out an online application, we prefer a more personal contact by hearing from you whether by email or a phone call and when possible a visit to your home and a visit from you to our home. We want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us and our doggie kids. If you should get one of our Cabernet puppies we will always remain a support for you for the lifetime of your Poodle. We are always complimented when people choose Cabernet. If we are your choice, please feel free to contact us for the details at cabpudel@gmail.com.

We know that prospective puppy buyers have many questions that need to be answered before they make the decision to buy a puppy from a particular breeder. We’ve developed a page to answer some of the questions that seem to be most often asked. Just click on Puppy FAQ’s to see the answers.




Enjoy watching these PhotoShows of some of our Cabernet puppies.


See our 2009 “All Black” Litter




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