In The Ring

2006-2007 Champions2008 Champions2009 Champions2010 Champions2011 Champions2013 Champions2014 Champions
Ch. Cabernet’s Way To Go “Chaz” Ch. Cabernet’s You Just Never Know “Dita”Ch. Cabernet’s In Black Dress “Tabu”Ch. Cabernet Caught You Looking “Rizzo” Ch. Cabernet ‘n DaMaya’s Interlude “Seela” Ch. Cabernet’s I Want To Talk About Me “Minka”Ch. Cabernet Skyland Everybody Talks “Kellan”
Ch. Cabernet’s Open Secret “Willa”Ch. Cabernet Skyland Scandalous "Devan"Ch. Cabernet Skyland Tell It Like It Is“Rahm”
Ch. Cabernet's As You Like It Sir Ascot “Jaxon”Ch. Cabernet’s Caught Red Handed “Jude”
Ch. El's Magnificent Medusa Ch. Cabernet’s Caught In A White Lie “Kai”
Ch. Cabernet's One And Only
Ch. Cabernet Skyland Wit's End
Ch. Cabernet Let's Go To Jaset
Ch. Randenn Beyond Hope Cabernet
Ch. Lake Cove a Toast To Cabernet
Ch. Lake Cove's Fanfare
Multiple BIS Au/AmCh Picardy My Marechal
Ch. Marechal Comin' To America
Ch. Afterglow Standing Ovation
Ch. Somerset La Petite Splendeur
Ch. Cabernet's Living Proof
Ch. Cabernet's Addicted To Love
Ch. Cabernet's Cut To The Chase
Ch. Cabernet's Love Unlimited
Ch. Cabernet's Money To Burn
Ch. Cabernet's Sealed With A Kiss
Ch. Cabernet's Livin' Out Loud
Ch. Cabernet's Back Street Boy
Ch. Cabernet's My Wild Irish Rose
Ch. Cabernet's Joy of Aquilaine
Ch. Cabernet's Chanel Number One
Ch. Pave's Black Ice Cabernet
Ch. Cabernet's Whole Lotta Love
Ch. Cabernet Delisa By Design
Ch. Cabernet's La Reine Marguerite
Ch. Cabernet's Livin For Love