Letter To Cabernet


Letter To Cabernet




Louis (Louie) the Second, who is named after my beloved Dad, is an incredible little puppy.  He entered our lives in his confident, lovable way and has stolen our hearts and enriched our lives.  He journeyed to Denver with Tom under the seat of the plane. He greeted me with kisses when I picked them up at the airport and entered our house with great aplomb greeting our friends who were visiting and his big sister, Gracie, a nine year old standard poodle.   We have marveled at how well and quickly he has adapted to his new home.  

Louie is adorable, lovable and loving, curious, brave, sweet, funny, very smart, mischievous,   cuddly, friendly, beautiful, angelic, gentle, energetic, joyful and our little monkey boy.  

We particularly love taking him out of his crate in the early morning.  He’s sitting up patiently waiting and suffering greatly from sleep inertia.  Tom or I kneel before the crate, open the door and coo to him softly as he tries to wake up. Out comes one little paw and leg after the other little paw and leg as he carefully and slowly crawls into a lap ready to be taken down the stairs and out to the bathroom. Within no time he’s wide awake and happy to greet the day.

 An enormously huge heartfelt thank you to Mary and Scott for all the love, time and effort that went into creating such an amazing litter of puppies.  We feel so fortunate to have found Cabernet Standard Poodles and incredibly blessed to have our darling little Louie.