Cabernet Kids With Jobs


Poodles have a natural desire to please, love challenges and jobs. Performance events, canine good citizen tests, service work, and therapy work are wonderful ways to channel these traits. We are proud of our Cabernet kids who have gone on to have such jobs because of their wonderful temperaments. It allows them to be versatile as a poodle is.

Service Dog Kai


Kai (Ch. Cabernet Caught In A White Lie, CGC) is in training as a service dog. He helps his owner, Diane, with mobility issues and seemed to understand what was needed from the first time he wore the harness. Kai met this wounded veteran one day in his training. Like many of the Cabernet Poodles, he is a gentle soul who seems to know exactly what people need from him. Good boy, Kai.


Rollie, a Therapy Dog

In memory of Linda, our dear sweet friend who LOVED her Cabernet girl.


Zoe (A Tango X Bianca daughter)

Linda carefully searched to find just the right poodle to be her agility partner and we were so happy when she chose a Cabernet puppy. Her husband Ron, purchased Zoe as a birthday gift for her. Linda had the dream of putting many agility titles on Zoe only to have it cut short by cancer July 4, 2009.
They were a wonderful team and Zoe loved every minute of her agility work with Linda.


Cabernet’s Chablis Du Val CD RE CGC ThD Chablis was a Therapy Dog and also had obedience/rally titles. Chablis was granted her three advanced therapy dog degrees posthumously. All of that stands for her work with children in public education and visits to the elderly (social visits and Alzheimer’s patients.)
Standard Poodles make excellent Therapy and Reading Dogs , just as Chablis was while she was still alive. Chablis was a very special girl as she touched lives through her Therapy work and was a great ambassador for the breed with her obedience and good manners.

It’s not unusual for me to take a dog to school for the children to enjoy during down time. I have found that for many children it calms them, for those who fear dogs it has taught them to not fear them, and for those who love dogs they get to enjoy interacting with a breed they’re unfamiliar with. Our dogs love being read to, talked to, whispered to, and hugged by small arms.

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Tucker and Pam do their therapy work at The Meadows Retirement/Assisted Living facility and Queen of the Valley Hospital in Napa, CA. They also go to the Yountville Veterans Home and the District Attorney’s Office where Tucker comforts children, witnesses or victims.

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Gracie and Shirley spend their therapy time at an Ashland Elementary School. Gracie loves listening to the children read for their therapy reading program time and she loves working with the school counselor to let the children know that they’re loved and accepted by a standard poodle.



Mel and Kate not only spend many hours at the Renown Regional Medical Center giving comfort to patients but they also volunteer at the Reno Airport Terminal to help travelers feel comfortable with flying. Mel also is a therapy dog in Kate’s Fifth grade class three days a week.


Cookie’s is adding alphabet soup letters to her name. She has earned her TDX and her CGC. She does nose work and Hilary hopes to put an agility title on her.


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