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How do you raise your puppies?

We are set up for all of our puppies to be born in our TV room. Scott and I have a pull out couch that we sleep on for one month so that we can be right next to the mother and babies just in case we’re needed. As the babies grow so does their puppy pen. It is at this time that we have more dinner parties and luncheons then ever so that company can handle the babies. Neighborhood children schedule visits, past puppy buyers come to socialize, and the puppies go on many field trips in the car starting at 4 weeks of age. It is also at this time that our big dogs are allowed to interact with them which is cause for many laughs.

What tests do you do?

Scott and I do health testing for all of our dogs that we use in our breedings. We also test those that we will not be breeding so that we can have their results on record as a baseline. The tests that we do are: PennHip and OFA for hips, CERF for eyes, skin punch biopsies for Sabaceous Adenitis, and blood panels for Thyroid. Generations ago we did the DNA test for Von Willebrand’s disease on all of our dogs. In breeding to dogs that were also clear, we now have dogs that are genetically clear going back several generations. All of our dogs’ test results are available online at http://www.offa.org

At what age do you let your puppies go?

Our puppies start going to their new families at 10 weeks of age. When they leave us they’ve had one vaccination and have been wormed if necessary. How do you decide who gets what puppy or do I get to pick the puppy I want? Because each of our breedings are done in hopes of getting our next show puppy, we retain the option of having first choice of what we feel is the best puppy for us. We want the same thing you want. We want healthy, well balanced, socialized puppies because we live with them just like you do. Before placing any Cabernet puppy, we get to know the prospective families. We want a clear understanding of what each family is hoping to get in a Poodle puppy. We have been very successful in matching puppies with the lifestyle of their families and it is our responsibility as the breeder to be sure that we will choose the puppy that will fit best in your family and lifestyle. When a family is happy then the puppy is happy.  It is important to us that each of our puppies is placed where they will be loved and well cared for.

Can we visit your home?

Visits from prospective families are always encouraged as it allows you to meet us and interact with our Cabernet “kids.” In return, Scott and I can get a picture of what your family is about, your commitment to a puppy and we’re also able to answer your questions in detail. When a personal visit is not possible due to distance, we expect frequent emails or phone call “check ins” so that we will know that your intentions are serious. While we would like for you to see how our dogs live with each other and how the puppies are raised, please be respectful that it is our home and that breeding is our passion, not a business. We are happy to make an appointment for you to meet the puppies but ask that you not stop at any other breeder, vet clinic, pet store, dog park etc. on the day of your visit.  There is a real risk of the puppies being exposed to diseases through contact in places where other dogs have been.

Where do we go from here?

If Cabernet is your choice then we suggest that you let us know of your serious intentions. At that time, your name can go on our waiting list and you will be contacted when we sonogram to verify that puppies are expected. If we all agree that we want to go forward, it is then that we require a deposit. As mentioned above, Scott and I carefully match each puppy to prospective families.  The more flexible you are in regard to sex and color, the better the chance that we will have a puppy for you. If we do not have a puppy available that is of the sex or color that you specified, or we do not have one that we think is a suitable match for your family, we will fully and promptly refund your deposit. We will be willing to help you find a puppy from another reputable breeder.

Our goal is to make a great match between each prospective family and each individual puppy.

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