Our Wire Fox Terriers

Champion AfterAll Painting The Sky


We were thrilled when Diane wanted to share Sky with us as a birthday gift. Little did we all know just how talented this little wire girl. Would become a great Western is an all terrier breed show held every year at the Queen Mary Event Park right on the water in Long Beach. Being the prestigious show that it is, terriers and their handlers fly in from all over the United States to compete. This year, one exhibitor flew in from Japan.


Sky in the ring at Great Western


To see more of Sky, go the the AfterAll Website.

We own with Diane a second wire. Her name is AfterAll Benne Calendar Girl or Flirt for short. At this point she is growing up at home with Diane, running and playing with the Standard Poodles, Kai and Tabu . It will be fun to cheer for another Wire!



Mirror, Mirror on the wall…